Guadalupe Mountains Texas

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Guadalupe Mountains Texas. Guadalupe mountains national park is located in west texas near the new mexico border. Looking for a great trail in guadalupe mountains national park, texas?

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The park covers an area of 134.9 square miles (349.5 sq km). Guadalupe mountains national park protects the world's most extensive permian fossil reef, the four highest peaks in texas, an environmentally diverse collection of flora and fauna. The guadalupe mountains are part of an ancient fossilised reef which also includes the carlsbad.

The guadalupe mountains are a fascinating site to explore.

Guadalupe Mountains Texas. Guadalupe mountains national park is a 3 hour drive from odessa / midland, texas; The guadalupe mountains texas were part of an ancient limestone reef in the permian sea about 250 million years ago. The range includes the highest summit in texas, guadalupe peak, 8,751 ft (2,667 m), and the signature peak of west texas, el capitan. Guadalupe mountains in texas is one of the most underrated national parks in the country.

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